A boost for Welsh manufacturing

A boost to Welsh Manufacturing

A boost for Welsh manufacturing

The manufacturing sector in Wales contributes to over 16% of the national economic output, a figure significantly higher than the UK average of around 9%¹. This contribution is set to rise after a promising announcement from the Economy Minister for Wales, Vaughan Gething. Now, a revived plan focuses on Wales as a leading nation in manufacturing. This comes as the sector is facing a combination of labour shortages, energy price rises and supply chain issues simultaneously.

The Manufacturing Action Plan (MAP) was first launched in February 2021 by the Welsh Government to outline the actions needed to develop a high-value manufacturing sector with a resilient, highly-skilled workforce who can deliver the technologies and services needed for the future Welsh Economy.

The new plan, ‘A manufacturing future for Wales: our journey to Wales 4.0’ includes:

  • Incorporating the circular economy methodology to help decarbonise the manufacturing sector
  • Developing the conditions to base key manufacturing companies in Wales
  • Building on the necessary performance and leadership skills across the workforce
  • Promote ‘Fair Work’ employment principles across Wales, promoting culture and inclusivity
  • Preparing business support to equip manufacturers to meet future increase in demand
  • Strengthening collaboration between stakeholders to deliver commercial innovation at a more rapid pace


This new action plan is set to prepare Wales for the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ by ensuring the industry is in a good place to embrace new challenges such as technological change and increased demand. Additionally, it is set to aid the Economic Resilience and Reconstruction Mission which sets out how the Welsh Government should rebuild the economy in order to be more prosperous and greener.

Economy Minister, Vaughan Gething commented “Wales was right at the heart of the first industrial revolution, a centre of global export, and leading the way in the development of mechanical production and steam power… We have a unique responsibility to protect this vital sector and we must work collaboratively with industry and our social partners to ensure it continues to thrive long into the future.”

We’re proud to support our local area by offering work, training and apprenticeship opportunities in engineering from our small town, Welshpool, a thriving community with just over 5,000 residents. We hope to continue to support the efforts of the Welsh government to lead the way as a leading nation in the manufacturing sector as this new plan takes shape.


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