Adding Value To Components


Adding Value To Components

As many manufacturers are looking for ways to boost profitability in these highly competitive times, engineering out component costs has become more prevalent. The costs of sourcing materials and price per unit of outsourced component production are often the first to be examined, but there are also efficiency gains to be made with value added services, which can be overlooked.

While we are predominantly known for our expertise in precision cold forming and machining, we also provide our customers with a wide variety of flexible and customisable value added services. This benefits our customers in a number of ways, especially in terms of cost savings and speeding up the production process.

For example, the laser marking of components we have produced is a process sometimes conducted in-house by customers. This means that once we have packaged our examined components and the customer has taken delivery, they then unpack the components and laser mark each one, before re-packaging the components to be sent on to the next stage of the process.

The inefficiencies are plain for all to see. Unnecessary extra packaging and re-packaging takes time and creates extra cost. By entrusting us with the task of completing the laser marking of components, re-packaging costs can be removed and labour costs and production time can be reduced – benefiting the bottom line.

We don’t just offer laser marking, our value added services also include: plasma welding, assembly, clean area production, and more. For more information, please click here.