Addressing sustainability with copper


Addressing sustainability with copper

As a company that works with copper day in, day out, we understand its true value and benefits. However, much to our surprise there are many within industry that are yet to realise its superior technical performance and as a result miss out on opportunities to make cost savings or improved the environmental impact of their products.

So, we were thrilled to see the International Copper Association release a video recently that highlights how copper can play a unique role in today’s sustainable development as well as help to address many of mankind’s greatest challenges.

From its use in electric cars to its role in boosting the energy efficiency of modern buildings, copper is an essential part of the world’s renewable energy future. Copper’s superior thermal and electrical conductivity, combined with its 100% recyclability, make it a truly green material.

With climate change to contend with and increasing pressure for businesses to operate corporate social responsibility programmes, the sooner the true value of copper is understand, the better. Lauren Gritzke, Energy Efficiency Officer at the United Nations Foundation, sums up perfectly in the video why copper has such an important to play in sustainable development when she says: “Copper does more with less energy”.

To learn more about the role of copper in sustainable development, watch the ICA’s video. Additionally, read about our copper machining and precision cold forming capability.