Advanced Engineering UK 2015

Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering UK 2015

It’s been a busy month here at Dawson Shanahan. Between a number of new orders coming in and a successful appearance at Advanced Engineering UK 2015, we’ve barely even had time to think ahead to this year’s Secret Santa. However, despite our workload, we’ve continued to follow the latest engineering and technological development news. In this blog we discuss the innovations that caught our eye this month.

While at Advanced Engineering UK 2015 we were drawn to the 310 mile range Tesla Model S electric car and the first ever electric taxi, the MetroCab. Back in the office, one of our team updated us on the various batteries being developed that will revolutionise the performance of smartphones, smarthomes and electric vehicles. This included a wide range of incredible innovations, from an aluminium graphite battery that could fully charge a smartphone in just one minute, to an aluminium-air battery that has 40 times the capacity of lithium-ion batteries and runs on water.

We’ve also been keeping up to date with news on Yamaha’s new Motobot, which is a motorcycle-riding humanoid robot that one day will be able to autonomously manoeuvre around a racetrack at the limits of the motorcycle’s performance. If Yamaha achieve their objective, then the Motobot should be able to record a lap time faster than that of multiple MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi.

As a major supplier of precision engineered components to the automotive sector, to us the electric car technology on show at Advanced Engineering UK 2015, the potential of new batteries in electric vehicles and the Motobot technology is incredibly exciting. With knowledge and technology transfer an inevitability, we’re looking forward to seeing how the development of these vehicles and the Motobot will influence the automotive sector and the components we’re tasked with producing.

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