Precision engineered electrical and electromechanical connectors

We offer precision engineering services for the design and manufacture of a wide range of electrical and electromechanical connectors, for use across industry.


We have experience in manufacturing various types of electrical and electromechanical connectors.  These include the following types:


  • Crimp termination
  • Plug termination
  • Flat tail termination
  • Tapped hole termination
  • Threaded post termination

Copper connectors

We’ve been a specialist in the manufacture of parts and components in copper for over 75 years.  We understand how to exploit the potential from all types of copper alloysfrom Zirconium Copper (CuZr) and Tellurium Copper (CuTe), to pure copper, especially Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC). 


But our expertise doesn’t end there.  We provide full design and development services, to help you engineer performance and reliability into your connectors, while taking cost out.  We can carry out sub-assembly operations, test, pack and drop-ship anywhere in the world.  Throughout, we work to the highest national and international standards. 


We work with major customers manufacturing electrical and electromechanical equipment for use in electric and commercial vehicles, in aviation and power generation and distribution; with parts ranging from precision industrial I/O and power connectors, to specialised MIL-SPEC contacts and high voltage connectors and components such as vacuum interrupters. 

Precision engineered connectors
Electromechanical connectors
Electrical connectors
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