Bloodhound gets back on track as test date looms

Bloodhound gets back on track as test date looms

Photo: Bloodhound SSC

For a car predicted to be the fastest in history, the development of the supersonic Bloodhound SSC has been slow recently. Cash flow issues and engine tweaks were the reason for postponing this year’s land speed record attempt until 2018.

However, the Bloodhound team has been working hard behind the scenes and is now preparing for testing in Newquay next month. This is one of the most exciting stages of the entire project so far, because it will provide important performance data and give the team the chance to rehearse procedures that’ll be used on the day they’ll be making their record breaking attempt.

The 13.4 metre long car features more than 3,500 components, making it one of the most complicated and advanced motor vehicles ever. It will be aiming to break the existing land speed record (763 mph) by traveling at around 1,000 mph – approximately one mile every 3.6 seconds.

To put the power of this car into perspective, it packs six times more punch than all the Formula 1 cars you’ll see on the grid during a typical Grand Prix combined.

Like many around the world, we’ll be watching the testing with bated breath. You could say we’re even more invested than most, ever since last year when our apprentices Jack Cowell and Alex Baker won a competition to have their names printed onto the tail fin of the car.

The trial date is set for Saturday 28th October 2017. We wish everyone in the Bloodhound team – and the many people who supported the project – the best of luck!