Celebrating 75 years of Dawson Shanahan

Dawson Shanahan - 75 Years

Celebrating 75 years of Dawson Shanahan

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Dambusters mission in May, an RAF typhoon took a memorial flight over the Derwent Valley where the last surviving member, Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson, of the famous raid said: “It’s surprising how the 75 years just disappear.”

The sentiment resonates here as we too celebrate 75 years since we started the business of manufacturing copper components, as Dawson Shanahan. We are thrilled to be able to share our rich history with you and to echo Squadron Leader Johnson’s words: the time has flown.

To mark this very special anniversary, over the coming months we will be sharing a range of memories from our rich history, in a very special series of posts. We want to join together to remember some of our memorable milestones, from our beginning of rebuilding engines to the first power semi-conductor parts in copper to now producing power connectors for electric vehicles. 

Here at Dawson Shanahan, it is not just about the copper components and machines, but the memories and milestones that make us who we are today.