Dawson Shanahan cuts production times by 20%

Dawson Shanahan cuts production times by 20%

Global precision engineering specialist Dawson Shanahan has cut its production times for the manufacture of components by 20%. The enhanced service is the result of new, high performance equipment recently installed at the Dawson Shanahan plant in Potters Bar, including a robotic loading turning cell.

The rapid completion of contracts achieved by the new equipment has enabled Dawson Shanahan to currently offer immediate capacity for high quality, high volume engineered parts in aluminium and steel. Owing to the reduced machine time required, component parts can be manufactured swiftly at lower cost.

Dawson Shanahan’s on-going investment in advanced, state-of-the-art, fully automated manufacturing systems has enabled the company to meet worldwide demand by providing exceptionally high quality, ISO-approved manufacturing services with fast turnaround. This includes precision engineering operations, such as complex machining and finishing of volume aluminium die castings, the manufacture of small or complex aluminium parts and the production of steel components.

The current manufacturing systems at Dawson Shanahan are particularly suitable for producing high volume aluminium components, such as engine parts, and those for use within medical, semiconductor, telecommunications or electronics markets. As well as offering manufacturing services ideally suited to the production of smaller, lighter parts, especially those requiring multiple operations during manufacture, Dawson Shanahan also offer a full part assembly service if required.

Dawson Shanahan has grown significantly in recent years, with exports to Europe, North America and the Far East representing over 80% of its turnover. The company is one of only three in Europe to specialise in precision cold forming for the manufacture of highly complex components made from copper, aluminium and ferrous compounds and has also pioneered the use of stainless steel for cold formed parts.

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