Dawson Shanahan enhances service with new promotion

Dawson Shanahan enhances service with new promotion

Dawson Shanahan has announced today that Dave Howell has been promoted to the role of Operations Director. This promotion recognises Dave’s extensive industry experience and production expertise that enhances Dawson Shanahan’s global precision engineering services.

In his new role, Dave will be responsible for overseeing all manufacturing and production, while also liaising with suppliers and customers. With 40 years of industry experience, Dave brings unrivalled knowledge and experience of precision engineering production to Dawson Shanahan. This will support the optimisation of every step of the production process and ensure the highest possible standards for customers both in the UK and overseas.

“I am absolutely delighted to receive this promotion and continue to use my vast experience to support Dawson Shanahan with reaching its objectives,” said Dave, speaking about his new role. “Since 2009, Dawson Shanahan has streamlined its automation processes and delivered the highest quality of precision engineering on a global scale. I am thrilled to be recognised as an important part of that success.”

Prior to becoming General Manager at Dawson Shanahan Wales, Dave began his career as an apprentice and worked in a variety of roles over a period of 35 years at Welshpool based FloForm. When Dawson Shanahan acquired FloForm in 2009, Dave was hired to the position of General Manager to bring his extensive experience, knowledge and skills to the day to day running of the Welshpool plant.

Dawson Shanahan is the leading global specialist in cold forming and machining of high precision, customer specified copper, aluminium, ferrous and assembled components, providing high quality components to businesses across industry.