Dawson Shanahan invests in new capability to meet demand

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Dawson Shanahan invests in new capability to meet demand

Dawson Shanahan, the specialist precision engineering firm, looks set to exceed investment targets this year, as the company continues to invest in growth for the future.

As part of an ongoing strategy of investment in manufacturing assets for maximum long-term benefit, Dawson Shanahan has invested over £500,000 annually on new machinery for the past three years. With demand rising, the company is already well on its way to exceeding this annual investment in 2018.

Recent investments have included a Citizen Cincom L32-X automatic lathe, which delivers high-precision and high-speed machining, making increased productivity possible to meet higher levels of demand. Dawson Shanahan has also purchased a Citizen Cincom L20-V111 LFV to enable the machining of components where demand is not at a sufficient level to warrant the use of Cold Forming. The L20-V111 LFV helps Dawson Shanahan overcome the swarf debris issues surrounding the machining of pure Copper, improving efficiency in this area still further.

Les Reeves, Joint Managing Director at Dawson Shanahan, comments: ”Dawson Shanahan’s long-term investment focus has not only improved efficiency levels but has increased our service offering. We are very pleased to already be well on the way to exceeding our manufacturing asset investment targets for this year. The breadth of service that we can offer our customers as a result of this investment is second to none and ensures that we are well placed as a highly competitive precision engineering manufacturer for many years to come.”