Dawson Shanahan to showcase leading precision engineering capabilities at Autolink 2016

Dawson Shanahan to showcase leading precision engineering capabilities at Autolink 2016

Leading precision engineering specialist Dawson Shanahan will be showcasing its full range of services and capabilities for the automotive sector at this year’s Autolink 2016.

The Welshpool-based company’s precision engineering experts will be on hand at the event to discuss Dawson Shanahan’s full range of component design, prototyping and manufacturing services. They’ll explain how Dawson Shanahan delivers the total component manufacturing solution to existing automotive businesses and how its various engineering techniques can provide cost savings and improved component performance.

Visitors to the event will also have the opportunity to view a comprehensive display of components engineered to the highest standards using Dawson Shanahan’s unrivalled precision cold forming process. This process produces 80% less waste that many other techniques, significantly reducing material costs while ensuring high quality products.

In addition, visitors can learn about Dawson Shanahan’s machining capability. The company has two Triflex modular multi-station CNC machines to meet customers’ high volume machining needs. Triflex Modular multi-station CNC machines allow for simultaneous five-sided machining without re-clamping. Each of the five CNC units has four fixtures mounted on a central trunnion that indexes to each machining station. The result is that customers can see an increase in production output of a remarkable 300%. Compared with the latest stand-alone machines, the Triflex is several times faster, producing parts at much lower cost.

Commenting on the event, Jeff Kiernan, Commercial Director at Dawson Shanahan, said: “Autolink 2016 looks set to be an excellent event for Dawson Shanahan; we’re looking forward to championing our skills and service offerings. As one of the world’s leading providers of both precision cold forming and machining services, we have the experience and expertise required to deliver components of the highest quality to vehicle manufacturers and satisfy all their components needs.”

Autolink is organised by the Welsh Automotive Forum and gives vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 companies from inside and outside of Wales the opportunity to learn about the products and services offered by select Wales-based organisations. This year’s Autolink takes place at Cardiff City Stadium on 18th October 2016.