[Download] Connector Technology for Electric Cars

With the move to electric and hybrid vehicles and the tightening regulations on CO2 emissions, even F1 is having to save fuel by making cars that more efficient; proof of the inexorable move towards sustainability in automotive.


Away from the racetrack we are seeing significant progress in the shape of the increasing numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles on our roads which are now dominating the automotive world. According to the IEA, an estimated 50 million electric vehicles (EVs) will be in operation by 2025, and 300 million by 2040, compared to about 2 million vehicles currently on the road.


Advanced electric vehicle technology with cold forming connectors is required to meet the demand. In this white paper, from precision engineering and cold-forming experts, Dawson Shanahan, we explore how the enhancement of even the smallest component is necessary to establish the electric car as a serious competitor to petrol-powered transport and the solutions that will be found to circumvent any problem that stands in the way of electric vehicles.


Download the ‘Connector Technology for Electric Cars’ white paper from precision engineering and cold forming specialists, Dawson Shanahan, so you too can understand the processes, benefits and the impact on your business or project.