Electric vehicles: Look at the bigger picture!

Electric vehicles: Look at the bigger picture!

Electric vehicles: Look at the bigger picture!

There’s been yet another significant announcement in the world of electric vehicles! This week we’ve learned that Cummins and Daimler have announced the development – and imminent release of – electric trucks.

To us, this is a significant moment in the development of electric vehicles. Firstly, it’s a signal that the market is hotting up, with new players entering the game on an increasingly regular basis. But also, this is a big win for the environment, since traditional trucks produce huge volumes of emissions. Clearly that won’t be the case for much longer.

As with all of these developments, there are detractors, however. The main argument against rolling these trucks out on Britain’s roads seems to be the battery life. The argument goes that trucks carry more weight, therefore require more power. As such, the battery life will be shorter.

While we don’t disagree with this in theory, it fails to factor in the speed at which electric vehicle technology is advancing. Realistically, with these trucks going into production in 2019, we’re a few years away from mass roll out. All you have to do is look back at the progress made in only the last five years, then consider how much further forward this technology will be a few years down the line.

Even now researchers have invented a novel way to charge moving objects. Is there any reason why this can’t be applied to electric vehicles? No. The road would act as the charger, able to wirelessly transmit power to a vehicle while it’s in motion.

The point here is that previously impossible ideas are now becoming real world inventions, so who knows what ingenious technology will have been developed in the coming years to resolve such limitations as short battery life.

For those yet to be convinced by electric vehicles, we say to you: it’s time to get on board. Look beyond complications such as battery life and look at the bigger picture. After all, so far every hurdle the electric vehicle market has faced, it has overcome.