Dawson Shanahan Releases the Essential Guide to Copper for Precision Engineering

Dawson Shanahan Releases the Essential Guide to Copper for Precision Engineering

We have just released a new white paper that explores copper, its properties, applications and use in the manufacture of precision engineered components.

The free white paper is an essential guide to copper for the electronics, power generation and distribution and automotive sectors. It provides a recap of copper throughout the ages before describing the process by which copper is produced, from initial copper ore extraction from open cast or underground mines, to the techniques used to produce ready to manufacture copper rod and wire.

The white paper goes on to explore the grain structure of copper, which affects the strength, formability, directionality, texture and surface appearance of the finished material, and its suitability to different production methods. Readers will also learn about copper’s thermal and electrical conductivity, which is significantly higher than alternative materials and makes it the metal of choice for the power generation and distribution sector and in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Jeff Kiernan, Commercial Director at Dawson Shanahan, explained: “The impressive physical properties, conductivity and availability of copper makes it the ideal material for use in a wide range of applications and sectors. This new white paper explores copper in real depth and helps readers to develop a greater, more informed understanding of copper, its properties, what makes it so special, and why it’s the go-to metal for precision engineering.”

Download your free copy of the ‘Copper and its use in precision cold forming’ white paper.