The EU in-out business discussion takes off

EU in-out

The EU in-out business discussion takes off

It may come as no surprise to readers of this blog that we keep our ear close to the ground when it comes to potential legislation changes that may affect our operations and those of our customers. This is especially true at this moment in time, when the in-out referendum on the UK’s European Union membership is a lead story for most media outlets.

Following the election victory of the Conservative party, we now know there will be a referendum by the end of 2017. Interestingly, more and more multinational businesses are now stating their position on whether the UK should remain part of the EU or not and it’s clear not all businesses are in favour of one or the other. The Chief Executive of JCB, for example, has publically stated his opinion that the UK should not fear an exit from the EU, while aerospace manufacturer Airbus has announced it is likely to reconsider investment in the UK if we opt to leave the EU.

It is undoubtedly an incredibly complex discussion and there are many pros and cons for both sides of the argument. What is becoming increasingly clear is that while issues such as immigration fuelled the campaign for a referendum and made it a public issue, it is what business thinks about the EU that is likely to decide the outcome of the vote.

As the countdown to the referendum is now well under way, we’ll be continuing to pay close attention to the reasons for and against staying in the EU. But regardless of the outcome, we’ll be doing all we can to support our customers and the precision cold forming and machining service we deliver will continue to be as exceptional as ever.