Everyone’s a winner at Dawson Shanahan Grand Prix!


Everyone’s a winner at Dawson Shanahan Grand Prix!

Dawson Shanahan team members channel their inner Lewis Hamilton at the Dawson Shanahan Grand Prix.

After much hype, the Dawson Shanahan team recently found themselves at the International Race Circuit in Shropshire for this year’s Dawson Shanahan Grand Prix. With reputations on the line and the coveted Dawson Shanahan cup up for grabs, we were all set for a highly competitive set of races. We weren’t disappointed.

Waking up to grey clouds, there were concerns that the race could be a complete wipe out. However, come race time the clouds had dispersed and the track was basked in glorious sunshine.

After a brief race meeting, where the excited Dawson Shanahan team was informed of important safety issues, the racers donned their gear and took their places on the grid.

Commentator for the day, Murray, noted: “It was obvious after the 5 laps of qualification that it was going to be a tight affair, as the warm track surface meant some pacey racing, with fast tight lines”. He was proved right.

The opening few laps of the race were a cagey affair, with the pack remaining tight. As the race wore on several intense battles began developing, however, with each racer refusing to give up so much as an inch to their rivals. Spin outs followed, and there was confusion over a new chicane.

Rising above these issues, which were thwarting his competition, was Andrew Morris, who stormed to victory. He was joined on the podium by Dale Jones and Mark Davies, who both delivered impressive performances.

Congratulations go to race winner Andrew and commiserations to the rest of the field. It was a highly entertaining and enjoyable day out had by everyone involved. The countdown to the next Dawson Shanahan Grand Prix begins now…