Good For Your Health


Good For Your Health

Copper is a well-known ally of humans when it comes to our health. Mention copper to someone in a healthcare environment and their first thought may be of the essential dietary element that is critical to the proper functioning of our organs and metabolic processes. Beyond this, however, copper plays an important role in keeping us safe from hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and in medical equipment.

HAIs continue to pose a significant threat to patients around the world. In the UK alone an estimated eight percent of patients are affected by them and in the last decade they have caused the deaths of almost 37,000 people. While there is currently no one method for preventing HAIs developing, copper is part of the strategy for minimising their impact. Unlike any other metal, copper continuously kills 99.9 percent of bacteria that cause HAIs within two hours. So by replacing physical surfaces in clinical settings with copper, the spread of bacteria that cause HAIs can be reduced.

With 80 years of experience under our belts, we understand the needs of the medical sector and have the knowledge, skills and resources to precision engineer innovative and unique solutions for medical equipment. While this includes copper, we also specialise in other materials used by the sector, such as aluminium and steel. Take Zogenix’s DosePro, for example, which is a revolutionary needle-free syringe. Using our intricate cold forming processes we developed a number of specially engineered components that enabled the syringe to safely and efficiently administer a drug into the user’s body without using a needle.

This is just one of the many medical devices we provide metal components for. To learn more about our expertise in cold forming for the medical sector, please click here.