Innovation in Aviation


Innovation in Aviation

Anybody who watched the unveiling of the Taranis last week would have been blown away by the integration of various technologies that helped put the stealth plane together.

The Taranis is the result of one-and-a-half-million man hours of work by the UK’s leading scientists, aerodynamicists and systems engineers from 250 UK companies.

Projects like this that involve so many parties, require some fundamental manufacturing practices:

1. Reliability of part and component manufacturing
2. Quality components
3. Quick response and turnaround to component changes

At Dawson Shanahan, we’ve been working with the aerospace sector for over 60 years. In particular, we have experience in manufacturing components for piston and jet engines, braking and undercarriage systems, flight surface controls and cabin environment devices.

Our recent investment in our machining systems means we’re all set to continue supporting UK aerospace projects and help innovations take flight long into the future.