Maintaining support for key customers

Maintaining support for key customers

A personal message from Joint Managing Director, Les Reeves 

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest threats to the global economy that we’ve ever seen.   

At this stage, nobody knows what the final impact will be; indeed, it’ll probably be many years before we know for certain what the true cost has been, both economically and socially.   

One thing is for sure: the virus has transformed the way in which most of us live and work, both now and, as seems increasingly likely, for the foreseeable future. 

Along with many industrial companies, we’ve had to take a pragmatic and safety-first approach to the way in which we operate, putting the interests of our customers and employees first. 

Over recent months the people of UK have pulled together to minimise the threat of Covid-19, in a display of community spirit and selflessness that has rarely seen since the dark days of the second world war. 

I’m proud to say that the same spirit has been manifest by our team at Dawson Shanahan.  They’ve worked tirelessly to ensure both the continuity of the business and, just as importantly, to ensure that we have maintained an outstanding level of service to all of customers – many of which are facing equally challenging circumstances. 

The team at our engineering centre in Welshpool has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure we comply with all the appropriate health and safety guidelines.  For example, with social distancing measures around all machine tools and a one-way flow through the factory.  They have also worked closely with customers to schedule priority orders for critical industries. 

At the same time, we’ve been working on new projects, involving considerable design and development input, and been installing and commissioning a new manufacturing cell.  This is dedicated to the production of precision vacuum interrupter components for use in high voltage switchgear, being shipped to Spain and North America.   

On behalf of the board of directors I’d like to offer a huge and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of team, our suppliers and, of course, our customers around the world; all of which have helped us survive a particularly challenging period in world history. 

As we emerge from the first stages of the Covid-19 pandemic and begin to return to a state that approaches what we had previously come to know as normality, we’ll be faced with fresh challenges and will may need to adopt new behaviours, practices and methods of doing business. 

Whatever the future holds, I’m confident that as a company with a proud 75-year heritage and with the continued loyalty, commitment and professionalism of our team we’ll emerge stronger and even more focussed and successful than ever before. 

Les Reeves 
Joint Managing Director