Manufacturing Matters

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Manufacturing Matters

Manufacturing is important. From cars to trains to the container your disappointing ready meal comes in, so many everyday items of use wouldn’t be possible without it. To highlight the importance of manufacturing and champion the sector in the UK, the past few months have seen the Manufacturing Advisory Service run its Manufacturing Matters campaign.

The campaign is designed to highlight the impact manufacturing has, not just in the way we go about our day-to-day lives but also with the economic value of the UK manufacturing sector. What they also want to bring attention to is the SME manufacturing businesses in the country, who may lose out to those bigger worldwide manufacturers in terms of business but are the backbone of the UK’s economy.

And that’s why it’s so important to celebrate manufacturing.  It’s a talking point on the news, the notion that the engineering industry as a whole is experiencing a drought in new employees, and a loss in older staff as they head into retirement. So in an era where we need to draw new people to our industry, the Manufacturing Matters campaign couldn’t have come at a better time. What’s important is keeping its momentum – manufacturing is a hot topic at the moment, but keeping it in the limelight is even more vital.

One of the campaign’s main points is to ask what manufacturing means to different people. So what does manufacturing mean to Dawson Shanahan?

Well, aside from it being our business, manufacturing matters to us because we realise how different the world would be without it in it. Without manufacturing, we’d still be walking everywhere or travelling by horse. But it means more to us than just that – manufacturing matters because economically it does a great deal for the country, in both creating revenue and providing jobs. In a time of financial uncertainty, a sector that continually creates such opportunity is certainly one that matters – and not just while it’s popular in the press.

Perhaps even more eloquently put by our very own Nathan Ball