Multi-industry cold forming knowledge transfer

Precision cold forming

Multi-industry cold forming knowledge transfer

In case you missed it, the BBC recently published an article on the impact of Formula One technology on the automotive industry. An excellent piece, it addresses how the transfer of innovations from motorsport into road cars is set to continue into the future.

Interestingly, it also discusses how the ‘cross fertilisation of ideas unites once-disparate industries’. This is a trend that we have seen first-hand with precision cold forming over the years. A common fixture in the inner workings of Formula One cars, precision cold formed components are not only used in road cars, but also in a wide range of other industries such as aerospace and medical.

The simple reason for this is that precision cold formed components deliver benefits that directly affect the cost of multi-part assembly and time to market. This is done without compromising structural integrity. In fact, precision cold forming improves mechanical strength and surface finish, much to the benefit of manufacturers looking to ensure high quality products while keeping costs down.

So how does precision cold forming affect costs and reduce time to market for businesses? By taking an alternative approach to metal forming. Whereas conventional machining, turning and grinding remove metal to achieve a finished component, precision cold forming fashions components through reshaping a billet without removing material. This reduces scrap, therefore cutting the cost of purchasing materials. The process is also quicker than more conventional methods and makes for superior quality products by plasticising metals along their grain boundaries, rather than cutting across.

Precision cold forming is just one example of how processes that benefit component manufacture in one industry can be used in others. Due to its cost saving benefit and quick production times this is set to continue long into the future.

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