Dawson Shanahan’s new CNC machine increases output by 300%

Dawson Shanahan’s new CNC machine increases output by 300%


Dawson Shanahan’s new Triflex Modular multi-station CNC machine centre offers high-speed milling with previously unheard of short cycle times. The machine will provide customers with the highest degrees of precision, volume and flexibility at an impressive rate of 70 parts per hour compared to an output of 24 per hour for an existing configuration machining the same Aluminium Die-casting.

Although already renowned for its unique combination of in-house cold forming, precision CNC machining and assembly techniques, Dawson Shanahan’s recent acquisition of a Triflex Modular multi-station CNC machine centre means it can now provide simultaneous five-sided machining without re-clamping. The Triflex can be used to manufacture a wide range of materials and is particularly suitable for machining in high volume aluminium die castings.

The modular machine consists of 4 fixtures mounted on a central trunion which indexes 90 degrees, the fixtures can index independently in increments of 1 degree. These fixtures are serviced by 5 machining stations consisting of CNC spindle units which hold eight tools and have independent X, Y and Z axis movements. As each fixture holds two parts for operations one and two, a finished part comes off each fixture in every 52-second cycle. There’s also extremely short chip-to-chip time and separate loading and unloading stations.

Having over 15 years’ experience in high speed machining of aluminium and Die castings on Horizontal and Vertical 5 axis twin pallet milling machines, the acquisition of the new machine is the latest step in Dawson Shanahan’s continuing expansion of its UK engineering facilities, an important addition that furthers its already considerable abilities to develop and manufacture high quality, customer specified components and assemblies that deliver exceptional value.

“This is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile, time- and cost-saving machines around,” explains Dawson Shanahan’s Joint Managing Director Les Reeves. “It’s multi-tasking, high precision, fast machining, underlining our commitment to providing the very best technical and commercial solutions for our customers.”