Aluminium die casting can produce complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability but there’s often a need for precision machine finishing of parts.

We can achieve this with a range of high precision milling machines that offer both speed and accuracy.


Our Heller twin pallet horizontal milling machine delivers output from 12 to 26 parts per hour through multi part fixtures mounted on a tombstone, while our Brother vertical milling machine uses a fifth axis to index the component relative to the spindle, increasing output to 32 parts per hour.


And our capabilities go beyond machining. We’ve designed and manufactured in-house fixtures to ensure swarf particles are not left in the finished parts of automotive die castings. We can also pressure test, assemble bushes and avseals into machined castings, and apply a poka-yoke assembly fixture that ensures a finished part doesn’t leave the plant with a bush or avseal missing.


By investing in the latest technology, we can offer you precision finishing at high output rates – and at the best possible price. For example, our two Triflex Modular multi-station CNC machining centres, offering high-speed milling with exceptionally short cycle times, even compared with the impressive results of our other machine tools. The Triflex provides customers with the highest degrees of precision, volume and flexibility, increasing output by 300% over an existing configuration machining the same aluminium die casting.


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