High volume CNC machining

If you need precision CNC engineered components manufactured to the highest quality, at competitive prices and with fast delivery, then we can help. 


Our extensive CNC machining capability enables you to design, develop and prototype component parts, and then rapidly to scale production to large volumes, using our integrated modular multi-station machining systems.  


Our Triflex Modular multi-station CNC machining centres allow simultaneous five-sided machining without re-clamping. Each of the five CNC units has four fixtures mounted on a central trunnion, which indexes to each machining station. Compared with the latest stand-alone machines, our Triflex technology is several times faster, producing parts at much lower cost. As a resultyou can benefit from an increase in production output of up to 300%. 


Each Triflex turret has up to eight tools, with tool changes being made during the machining process. Although it isn’t necessary for spindles to be stationary during a tool change, the spindle RPM adjustment can be made during the tool change, allowing for the precise running of tools through permanent assignment to the spindle. Our five-sided modular multi-station CNC machining centres also feature extremely short chip-to-chip time, with separate loading and unloading stations. 

This multi-tasking, high precision, fast machining capability reduces cost while also granting you the ability to improve component performance and functionality.

Give one of our experts a call on +44 (0)1938 551700 to find out more about Triflex and how it can help your business.

  • Simultaneous machining with five machining units
  • Machining without re-clamping
  • Highest degree of flexibility with short cycle times
  • 300% increase in production output
  • Extremely short chip-to-chip time
  • Tool change during machining
  • No need for spindle to be stationary for tool change
  • Spindle RPM adjustment during tool change
  • Precise running of tools through permanent assignment to the spindle
  • Up to 10,500 rpm
  • X, Y, and Z axis movement
  • Turret with up to 8 tools
  • Separate loading and unloading stations

Our high volume multi-station CNC machining capabilities

Take five: fast, efficient and economical machining
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