Dawson Shanahan is the world’s leading specialist in precision cold forming and finishing in copper, aluminium and ferrous materials.

Cold forming is an established manufacturing technique, yet one that is hard to master. With over 75 years experience, we have the knowledge and skills to develop, prototype and manufacture cold formed components that offer exceptional standards of quality and consistency, offering unique performance characteristics in many different applications.


All development, tooling production and cold forming is carried out in-house, with our dedicated design and manufacturing engineers working closely with our quality control and customer support teams to ensure that every project is carried out on time and within budget.


Just as importantly, we partner with your business to develop cold formed solutions that offer real technical and commercial benefits. These include:

  • reductions in raw material use and waste
  • reductions in machining times and time to market
  • elimination of secondary production operations
  • minimising the cost of a multi-part assembly
  • total cost reductions of up to 70%

  • parts with excellent internal finishes
  • parts with accurate internal profiles
  • the potential for complex external profiles
  • improved mechanical strength, with grain structures follows part geometries
  • significantly improved surface finish

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Precision Cold Forming

Step 1: Insert blank

Precision Cold Forming

Step 2: Blank is formed

Precision Cold Forming

Step 3: Final finishing to parts

Cold Forming White Paper

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