Shifting into fifth gear

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Shifting into fifth gear

The recent announcement that the UK produced more than 1.5 million cars last year, an increase of 3.1% compared to 2012 is a great bit of news to kick off 2014.

The instant visual that comes to mind is of lots of finished cars rolling off the production line, such as the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Wolverhampton. However, lots of work is required from various manufacturers to get those cars on the road and this is often the part that isn’t caught on camera.

Since our foundation in the 1930’s we’ve been heavily involved in the automotive sector, in both high volume manufacturing and in the development of specialised components.

With increasing demand for British made vehicles, there is increasing demand on us to be able to offer greater capacity and reduced lead times. This is why the decision to invest in our Triflex machine to increase capacity was a smart move.

What the Triflex offers by using simultaneous five-sided machining means is a finished part coming off each fixture in every 52-second cycle – that’s a remarkable 70 parts per hour. This means that more parts are produced, enabling increased car production, equalling increased growth.

With setup like this, no wonder the UK car market is moving into the fast lane.