So you think you know about cold forming?

cold forming

So you think you know about cold forming?

If you’re a regular follower of our blog you will know that we often discuss the process we advocate for precision manufacturing metal components, cold forming. As a cost-effective, energy efficient means of pressing metal into a die at room temperature, just like Plasticine when it is pushed into a mould, the process provides a number of clear advantages by comparison with traditional metal forming techniques.

Because cold forming produces metal components at low temperatures without removing material, the cost of raw materials is reduced by as much as 70%. Also, the part hardens during the manufacturing process, which improves the machinability and durability of the product.

Despite these advantages, there are still companies out there who continue to use traditional machining, with its inherent waste of material and comparatively slow cycle speed.

Possibly, the slow take-up of cold forming is the result a presumption that the process has significant limitations?  This, however, is not the case.  Within certain parameters, the use of cold forming isn’t restricted by the shape, size or complexity of metal components.  For example, we have produced parts of many specifications for sectors such as the AerospaceAutomotiveElectronicsMedical and Power Distribution.

We are passionate about the benefits that cold forming can offer industry and we would love to discuss with you how it can improve your output all while saving resources. Why not drop us an email? Alternatively, watch our video on the matter.

Dawson Shanahan – Cold Forming from Dawson Shanahan on Vimeo.