The value of sustainability for next generation engineering apprentices

Next generation engineering apprentices

The value of sustainability for next generation engineering apprentices

As our apprenticeship scheme enters its eighth year, we look at the importance of environmental sustainability in enticing the best new engineering talent to Dawson Shanahan.

Approximately two-thirds of employees (68%) feel that it is important for the company they work for to be committed to acting sustainably, and nearly half (44%) want their employers to implement initiatives or set goals that would make the entire business more sustainable (not just one part of the business). These are just some of the findings from a recent survey by PLAY, a digital product studio and incubator.

The company asked 1,000 UK-based employees, split between 750 general employees and 250 executives/Chief Sustainability Officers, about their views on sustainability initiatives in business. The resulting data showed that sustainable behaviour could help employers to attract and retain talent, with more than half of employees (54%) saying they would be more likely to work for a company that provides resources and tools for them to become more sustainable.

Perhaps most strikingly, almost a quarter (24%) of 18 to 24-year-old (Gen Z) employees would not work at a business that profits from unsustainable practices.

At Dawson Shanahan, we are committed to both nurturing young talent and environmental sustainability. Dawson Shanahan specialises in a process called precision-cold forming. It is carried out at ambient temperatures, which makes it energy-efficient, and it generates significantly less waste than machining processes. Further, precision-cold forming is used to produce vital components for electric vehicles, making it a key enabler for a low-carbon economy.

There has never been a better time to join the exciting and dynamic world of engineering and there is no better place to start than at Dawson Shanahan. Our successful engineering apprenticeship scheme is run from our Welshpool headquarters and has enabled dozens of young people get into engineering. Through the scheme, our apprentices are provided with opportunities to develop their skills while being mentored by highly experienced and skilled engineers. Over the years, we have seen many young people come through the apprentice programme go on and achieve great success in higher education and engineering careers. Equally, many new recruits are coming to us with a qualification and gaining their foothold in the world of engineering, with the opportunity to progress their skills and training in a real-world engineering setting.

We are dedicated to our employees, and, in turn, our employees are dedicated to us. Indeed, we recently said goodbye to our retiring Quality Manager, Shelagh Gill, who had been with us for nearly 50 years!

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