The theory of packaging

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The theory of packaging

When someone mentions packaging, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Possibly brightly coloured cereal boxes designed to entice children, or maybe the plastic cage that seems impenetrable when trying to access your new pair of scissors without having a second pair to cut through the packaging.

Whether it is these two examples or any other, you may be surprised to know there is a science behind packaging. In one sense there is the science of turning plain packaging into an interesting, marketable product in itself, which gives an indication of the fascinating toy or appliance that is held inside. Just ask George Lucas, who has reportedly earned considerably more money through merchandising than from creating movies, he’ll undoubtedly agree. Then there’s the science of protecting the product, securing it from damage and contamination – this comes in many forms, from cardboard boxes and Styrofoam, to aluminium tablet and capsule pharmaceutical packaging.

So where does Dawson Shanahan fit into packaging? Our unique ball-lock systems for shaft control are used in packaging processes to enhance the performance and operating characteristics of slitting and rewinding systems. This helps packaging companies to abide by the rules of packaging science, so that packaging not only looks professional but also ensures security and protection.

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