Top 5 reasons why you need the total precision engineering solution

Top 5 reasons why you need the total precision engineering solution

As we’re sure you know, it’s incredibly common for manufacturers to hand different parts of the product manufacturing process to a range of suppliers. Surprisingly, however, many manufacturers do this even if one single supplier can deliver on multiple stages of the production process.

Working alongside a single partner that can meet a variety of needs offers significant benefits. That’s where the total precision engineering solution comes in. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need it.

Simplicity – Instead of using one supplier to provide a service such as machining and then another supplier to take care of other tasks such as laser marking or assembly is unnecessarily complex. Through the total precision engineering solution these tasks can all be handled in one place, simplifying the process.

Faster turnaround times – And the process isn’t just simpler, it’s also much more efficient. Since you’re removing the time Supplier A needs to package parts and have them delivered to Supplier B, less time is required to complete the process as a whole – therefore allowing for faster turnaround times.

Lower costs – Packaging and delivery costs aside, handing a single supplier multiple tasks can provide a cost saving opportunity. Since the volume of work is increasing for the single supplier, economies of scale come into play and the cost per part is likely to be lower. Additionally, an experienced specialist can explore ways of engineering out cost.

Part optimisation – A multi supplier production process doesn’t leave much room for manoeuvre. Suppliers usually complete their task and pass on their parts to the next supplier in line without any questions asked due to tight deadlines. But if one supplier oversees the entire project they can identify any opportunities there might be to optimise part designs, enabling the finish and strength of components to be improved.

Remove secondary production operations – Beyond part optimisation, the component production process itself can also be enhanced. Whereas one supplier may be tasked with milling and another with grinding, a single supplier might decide to opt for one process instead of two. Cold forming, for example, is a more efficient process and eliminates the need for multiple processes.

Further information on how we support customers by providing the total precision engineering solution is available here.