UK manufacturing for aerospace really taking off

uk manufacturing aerospace

UK manufacturing for aerospace really taking off

If there is one industry in the UK that showcases the quality of the manufacturing capabilities of these isles to foreign shores it’s aerospace.

Marvels in engineering and manufacturing literally take off and highlight the skills housed here in the UK.  It’s a sector that is worth around £24bn to the economy and is something that is being encouraged to grow even more.


The recent opening of the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) in Bedford will see £2bn of funding from the Government and private sector invested in the aerospace sector. Business Secretary, Michael Fallon describes the institute as being, “At the heart of our Aerospace Growth Partnership. And it’s evidence of the Government’s wider industrial strategy – our long-term plan to have Britain making things again and an economy that’s better balanced for the long term.”

It’s this kind of collaborative thinking that’s needed to encourage the development of new engineering practices and techniques that can really get the UK “making things again”.

It’s the kind of thinking we’ve ingrained into our service here. Working with our clients from the outset to really identify the best processes and methods for production, through to logistical support, we’re in it for the long haul. Just like UK aerospace engineering.