Waste Reduction – Less waste, lower costs

As commodity prices rise so the focus grows on minimising the waste from engineering processes.


Conventional machining, turning and grinding are essentially loss making processes; metal is removed to achieve the finished component. The amount of waste can be considerable, often accounting for over 80% of the original volume. For low value materials, this may not be an issue, but for more valuable metals or larger parts this level of scrap, even if it is reclaimed, can add considerably to your component costs.


But there is another way, and one which also produces many additional benefits in terms of surface finish and mechanical characteristics: precision cold forming.


Precision cold forming is a tried and tested engineering technique. It can offer typical waste reduction returns of over 90% and deliver components of exceptional quality and strength, at highly competitive costs.


To learn more about precision cold forming and how it can help save your business money and waste, take a look at our videos below or follow this link to download our precision cold forming white paper.

Waste reduction
Overview of cold forming and CNC Machining – Application Plasma Cutting Shield
Waste reduction
Overview of cold forming compared with a conventional machining method
Waste reduction
Comparing conventional machining to cold forming methods

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